Episode 9 – McCullum

This week Sal & Belshnickle interview McCullum from the Stack for Pound raid team. They also host the first ever Converted round table [...]

Episode 8 – Koltrane

This week Sal & Belshnickle interview Koltrane from the Convert to Raid podcast. They also catch up with Red (Event Planner). Louu (Raid [...]

Episode 7 – Kageofhell

Interview with Kage of Hell from the Raiders of the lost Artichoke raid team. Announce the official website of The Converted podcast (www.convertedpodcast.com) [...]

Episode 6 – Fuzzymitten

Interview with Fuzzymitten from the Slow Down Raiders raid team! [...]

Episode 5 – Silvanis

Interview with Silvanis from the Over Easy raid team! [...]

Episode 4 – Sueshi

Interview with Sueshi from the Broccoli Campaign raid team! [...]

Episode 3 – Louu

Interview with Louu from the Muscle Sprouts raid team! [...]

Episode 2 – Solarflair


Episode 1 – Teke