Episode 100: A Celebration of Community

Join hosts Belshnickle, Sal, Cuddles, Turarts and Navox with a special celebration of community with Episode: 100 If you need any info email: [...]

Episode 99: Pasha

Join hosts Bel, Sal and Cuddles along with special guest Pasha for another great episode about Convert to Raid. Pasha – https://twitter.com/Pasha_CTR Pasha – [...]

Episode 98: Ark

Join Sal, Bel, Turarts and Cuddles along with Ark for another great show about your guild Convert to Raid! If you need any [...]

Episode 97: Rakar

Join Sal, Turarts and Cuddles along with special guest Mike from Gluttons for Punishment a raid team in the Convert to Raid Guild [...]

Episode 96: Maegadeath

Join hosts Belshnickle and Cuddles along with special guest co-host Navox and special guest Mageadeath along with regular Turarts as they talk Hearthstone, [...]

Episode 95: Captain Codfish

Join hosts Sal & Cuddles along with special co-host Deadgreed as they talk to the leader of the Cod Squad, Captain Codfish! Captain [...]

Episode 94: Gizmo

Join Host Bel & Cuddles along with guest host Navox, special guest Gizmo and regular Turarts for another amazing episode of The Converted [...]

Episode 93: Thor

Join Hosts Bel, Sal, and Cuddles along with Special guest Thor for another great episode of The Converted Podcast. Thor – https://twitter.com/WarFrontCTR If you [...]

Episode 92: JFalcon

Join hosts Bel, Sal, and Cuddles as they talk to special guest JFalcon from Standard Dragon Protocol and regular Turarts returns! Jfalcon – https://twitter.com/Jfalcon1387 [...]

Episode 91: Tattva

Join Hosts Sal and Cuddles with special guest Tattva for another exciting episode of The Converted Podcast! Tattva – twitter.com/los_gaming Tattva – youtube.com/losgamingshow If you [...]