Episode 131 ~ Greeter Immith!

 Episode 131 ~ Greeter Immith! Follow us on Twitter! @Converted_CTR Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/convertedpodcast Want your team on the show? Email us! convertedpodcast@gmail.com [...]

Episode 116 Kazul Cosplay

Kazul Fox and Frostee Fox  joins Barf, Sal, Turarts and Eshelon talking about the award-winning Blizzcon Hogger cosplay #wantedhogger   @KazulGFox @FrosteeFox Kazulgfox.com [...]

Episode 96: Maegadeath

Join hosts Belshnickle and Cuddles along with special guest co-host Navox and special guest Mageadeath along with regular Turarts as they talk Hearthstone, [...]

Episode 87: ChaiThi

Join Hosts Bel, Navox, and Cuddles along with special guest ChaiThi for another great episode of The Converted Podcast Links: Wil Derringher GoFundMe [...]